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  CamaroHouse.com is now offering "Restored Bodies" We sell 1967 -1969 Camaro shells with doors, deck lid as well as title with car. Installed on these bodies are new roof skins, new lower firewall, new doors, inner and outer wheel housings, new one piece floor pan, as well as one piece trunk pan, full frame rails, trunk drop offs, rockers replaced or rebuilt if needed.

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Restored Bodies
1967-1969 Camaro Bodies are now available.

Each car is brought into our shop, inspected and a work order is then written up and our professionals then perform the above procedures. Each car is taken apart, panels cut off, set up on a rotisserie, and all areas are then
"cleaned" up. Once these steps are taken, the Camaro then goes to our media blasting area and blasted . We start the build with rust free areas and use weld through primers as we replace panels.

Once the car is in the "put together stage" we take the time to measure, line up and make all panels fit into place before any welding is done. All bodies are inspected by myself, and our shop foreman. We take a great
amount of pride to bring these legends back to their glory.

Each new body sold will come with our roll-a-round , meaning you will be able to move car on a cart. Simple way to work and restore your Rebuilt Camaro body.

The prices are listed below. Each Car come with paper work, we will not sell without! We do take in trade in's. We will negotiate that price with you.

Basic cost of restored 1969 Camaro car with out nose and sub frame is 22,500. With nose and sub frame with disc brakes 24,000. Add 8500 for convertible.

Basic cost of restored 1967 - 1968 Camaro shell is 17,900. With nose and sub frame with disc brakes is 21,000Convertible add 6500.00

We do offer RS ,SS Z/28'S Please write for details.

We will restore your body. Please check out "Prices" on web site for further info on our pricing.

These bodies are beautifully crafted by professionals. No gimmicks here.

We suggest you go and price the cost of an un-restored Camaro, price out all the parts we are installing, have parts professionally installed. Buy materials to do work. Then Look at our package deals!

Thank you.


1-919 - 732 -7789



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